Gaze upon my works, ye memer, and rejoice

Art and Animation

The page which chronicles all my animations and art.

YouTube Channel

Where my animations are actually hosted, plus gameplay videos, stream VODs, and gamedev logs. Occasionally some video memes.

Original Stories

If you’re here for my Original Stories, here you go.

Twitch Channel

My Twitch channel where I stream gameplay and dungeoneering.


My random musings and thoughts. A blog, basically, from the stars.


A comic about me and my character’s adventures in Star Trek Online.

Stormworks Gaming

My gamedev website where the games I make lie in wait for you to play.


For my Fanfiction, check out my profiles on Sufficient Velocity, Questionable Questing, or Fanfiction.net. Either use the menu at the top of the site or the relay at the link above.

2021 Tracker

2020 was the hellscape, and 2021… well, it honestly seems like it’s trolling us. Here’s a chronologue of how.

2020 Tracker

A memorial and list of the hellscape that was the start of this decade.